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Hall County Master Gardeners are proud to be offering the SOIL3 MINI-CUBE and the SOIL3 MINI GARDEN KIT for sale through our website beginning March 10 and ending March 30, 2021.

The MINI-CUBE is a "grab and go" 1 cubic foot of the organic compost that is the same product in the Big Yellow Bag, just in an easier-to-handle size. The MINI GARDEN KIT is the MINI-CUBE, but also includes a 7 gallon root pouch that is wonderful for container gardening. The root pouch is 14" in diameter.

Final cost of each including tax and delivery are as follows:

MINI-CUBE: $16.00 each

MINI GARDEN KIT: $26.00 each

Checks must be made out to Hall County Master Gardeners and mailed using the order form FOUND HERE.

Mail to P.O. Box 907655, Gainesville, GA 30501

The final order will be placed on March 30 based on payments received by this date.

All orders will be delivered to one location and available for pick-up on Saturday, April 3 between 10 AM and 2 PM at the 

Farmers Market located at 734 E. Crescent Drive, Gainesville, GA 

at the corner of Jesse Jewell and Crescent Drive.

HCMG volunteers will be there to help load your vehicle.

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