The Redbud Project is a citizen conservation movement to bring awareness to Hall County’s amazingly biodiverse ecosystems of native species plants.  


In the fastest growing region of Georgia, our unique ecology is imperiled by unplanned economic development. By clearcutting tree canopy at an estimated 2,600 acres a year for the past 30 years, we lose quality of life and economic benefits.  

Biodiverse tree canopy adds 7 to 25% to total land value

Urban noise is reduced by 50%

Energy costs are reduced by 30%

Air quality is sustained by trees turning carbon dioxide into oxygen

 Access to nature enhances our mental and physical well-being.   


To inform the community of the vast collection of native species plants, which were marooned in the banks of the Gainesville Ridges millions of years ago by glaciers and upheaval of the Earth’s tectonic plates, volunteers foster awareness of our environmental legacy.


Conservation Awareness

Spread the word with “Treasure Trove of Hall County” programs 

Control polluting stormwater run off with rain gardens

Eradicate invasive plants that inhibit native species from flourishing 


Native Plant Awareness

Rescue native species for public and private landscapes

Adopt-a-Native Plant grid to evaluate forest ecology

Replicate the oak-hickory-pine forest in the Ecology Interpretive Center 


Nature Awareness

Develop educational exhibits and public amenities of Linwood Nature Preserve for Gainesville      

   Parks and Recreation

Monitor the two-mile nature trail system in the 30-acre urban forest for leisure recreation and    

   nature education

Develop a bird sanctuary at Linwood Nature Preserve




The Redbud Project: A Model for Conservation

The Redbud Project 

PO Box 907614

Gainesville, GA 30501

Monthly Garden Tasks

Each month we will provide monthly or seasonal gardening tasks and to-do's.

Click the button below for the information for the current month.



Extension Office Info



  Hall County Extension Office

  734 E. Crescent Drive 

  Suite 300

  Gainesville, GA 30501


  (770) 535-8293

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