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Interested in becoming a Vendor at our next Garden Expo?

The Garden Expos enjoy a high return rate among both customers and vendors. Over 85% of vendors return year after year because they find the Expos works for them. Expo visitors come to buy, not just “window shop.” It’s a great way to increase exposure for your business and get acquainted with much sought after repeat customers. We typically see 3,000-4,000 customers in the Spring over the two-day event and slightly less for the Fall.


Vendors are often surprised by the promotional value of getting known by Master Gardeners. We’re a talkative bunch and make a habit of sharing sources with our local garden clubs, friends and neighbors. There will be 80-100 volunteer Master Gardeners assisting vendors at the Expos.


We will help you unload and load up and sole proprietor vendors like the assist that’s available from volunteer Master Gardeners to mind the booth on breaks.


Chicopee Woods Agricultural Center is the event site. All booths are open to the air and covered in case of rain, with ready access to power and water as needed. There’s easy access to all booths.


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