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December Gardening Tasks

Expand the categories below to learn more about what you need to do this month.

Soil Testing

Now is the time to test the soil in your planned beds for plant nutrients. UGA soil tests usually take 7-10 working days, so test now to have the results when you plant bulbs and beds. It is important to till in the lime needed (if any) for faster soil pH adjustment. You may also sample your vegetable garden or lawn.


Fruit Trees




To keep holiday plants looking good longer, keep them away from dry, drafty locations. Do not place near heat vents, doorways or drafty windows. Increase humidity around plants by placing them on a tray lined with pebbles, shallowly filled with water. Make sure the water does not enter the drainage holes. Winter is a challenging time for most houseplants because of the lower natural light and susceptibility to over watering. Be careful not to over-water houseplants. Growing media should be allowed to nearly or completely dry out between watering (but plants should never wilt). Unless your indoor plants are growing under optimum, high light conditions and are actually growing, do not fertilize them during the winter months.

Inspect indoor plants regularly for pests, especially ants, spider mites, aphids, white flies, scale insects and mealy bugs. Keep in mind that plant-specific temperature, light, and humidity are key to ensuring that indoor plants thrive.

Amaryllis is a popular plant for the holiday season. They can be forced to bloom now or planted outdoors for spring blooms.

One of the most popular indoor holiday plants is poinsettia. With proper care, this colorful plant will give weeks of color. Call the Hall County Extension Service for advice on after-holiday care for poinsettias.


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