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February Gardening Tasks

Expand the categories below to learn more about what you need to do this month.


Analyze last year's garden planting, fertilizing, and spraying records. Make notes to reorder successful varieties as well as those you wish to try again. Now is a good time to pour through the seed and plant catalogs and online seed sources for new varieties. An important consideration is improved insect and/or disease resistance. Watch also for heat and drought-tolerant types. Make sure what you buy will thrive in our zone 7b-8a climate!

Make a garden plan for spring and summer. Perhaps a smaller garden, raised beds, or containers with less weeds and insects will give you more produce. Consider planting some old favorites and some of the new varieties as well. Take soil samples if you haven’t already done it. See how your compost pile is doing and stir it as needed.

Fruit Trees






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