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November Gardening Tasks

Expand the categories below to learn more about what you need to do this month.

Soil Testing

Now is the time to test the soil in your planned beds for plant nutrients. UGA soil tests usually take 7-10 working days, so test now to have the results when you plant bulbs and beds. It is important to till in the lime needed (if any) for faster soil pH adjustment. You may also sample your vegetable garden or lawn.


Fruit Trees





Succulent plants such as most cacti, jade plants and what have you, are going into their winter rest phase, so they don’t need fertilizer at all and require only infrequent watering. Overwatering in winter can cause roots to decay. If you fertilize broadleaf houseplants, use only light fertilization and only if the plant is growing in medium to bright light. Water most broadleaf plants (big ferns, palms, philodendrons, pothos, peace lily, etc.) only every several weeks unless in small pots. (If a fern or other broadleaf plant is in a 6” or smaller pot, it may need for frequent watering). Since African violets under light actively grow even in winter, water as you normally would.


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